(EA) Kangaroo(r) Pump Sets

October 18, 2013

(EA) Kangaroo(r) Pump Sets
(EA) Kangaroo(r) Pump Sets Detail

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(EA) Kangaroo(r) Pump Sets Description

Pump Sets for use with all Kangaroo 224, Kangaroo 324, Kangaroo PET and Kangaroo Control Enteral Feeding Pumps. The PVC materials eliminate the use of the compound DEHP. The Anti-Free-Flow (AFF) Device incorporates continuous protection for the patient from the possibility of a free-flow incident. Includes overinfusion safeguard (when used with Kangaroo 224, Kangaroo 324, Kangaroo PET, or Kangaroo Control Pumps) and non-IV compatible connectors. Features: DEHP-free Anti-Free-Flow Device…

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(EA) Kangaroo(r) Pump Sets